Cat Candy’s Nutri Lick – Thai’s Premium Chicken


The 7 core ingredients used for this great
supplement were selected based on
well-researched studies and collectively
consists of multiple nutrients essential for
boosting and sustaining your cats’ health.

  1. Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil,
  2. Evening Primrose Oil,
  3. Virgin Coconut Oil,
  4. Brewer’s Yeast
  5. Taurine,
  6. Vitamin B7
  7. Lysine

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Cat Candy’s NutriLick Thai’s  Premium Chicken

We only use the best premium chicken in our recipe because we are cat lovers ourselves, from the Land of Smiles, Thailand practices sustainability as an integral part of its livestock management.

We curated the best ingredients to make our supplement taste good for our furry loved ones. This makes the difficult task of feeding nutritional supplements an enjoyable and stress-free time for both humans and our furry loved ones.


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