Cats Are Desserts Studio

Unlike any other cat-driven companies out there, we don’t only offer great products for your cat’s health, we have services that may help you out too! How? Cat Therapy! Being around cats for the most part of our lives, we realised that having cats as company can help with your physical and psychological state!

Cat Therapy has been used worldwide as treatment for anxiety, depression and even stress! When you have a special connection with them, it helps a lot more and research has also proven that they can aid people with heart issues too! Petting them, hearing their meows and purrs and watching them exert their energy to play is a stimulus for countless Autistic, Alzheimer and ADHD patients.

Pssst… it also helps that they’re incredibly cute and fun to play with.

Cat Studio Details

At our studio, we house almost 35 cats that we feed and love to be made available to the public for you to pet and play around with. If you feel like you need to relieve stress and get some time off, drop us a message and we can schedule some paw-some time with our furry little friends.