Meet Our Co-Founders

Johan Eskandar Mohamad Najib

Cat Enthusiast

Imagine a dozen cats swarming around you once you walk in the room and you hear the ever-so-calming purrs begging for attention. That is a day in the life of our Co-founder, Johan Eskandar. Dubbed as the King of Cats in Malaysia, he has been in the pet industry for as long as he can remember. Due to his magical and unique relationship with these purry ones, Johan has garnered a following of 260,000 people on his Instagram alone where he shares the beautiful relationship he has with his pets and some tips on how fellow cat lovers can understand their pets better.

No stranger to the Malaysian media, Johan has had his stories shared across a variety of channels with them being published on mainstream newspapers such as Kosmo! and Utusan Malaysia. Once people started taking notice of his God given talents, he then appeared on Selamat Pagi Malaysia (TV1), Majalah 3 (TV3), Wanita Hari Ini (TV3), Berita Nasional (TV1), Assalamualaikum (TV Al-Hijrah) and was also interviewed by

Thanks to his influence and likeable personality, Johan and his cats have also appeared in numerous commercials and advertisements for ProDiet, Malaysia Airlines, Zacheela Collection, Calpis and Celcom. Johan understood that with great influence came great responsibilities. Wanting to share more insights on cat care, he published his own book dedicated to cat lovers in Malaysia talking about his knowledge and experience of being in the pet industry.

Spearheading a cat studio not too long ago, Johan realised that the Malaysian masses were very keen to explore the world of cats and gain a better understanding of them. Today, he heads Furvit Pet Industries along with his counterparts with great passion and hopes of a better future for both mankind and cats alike.

Zunieta Zulkafly

Cat Lover

Picture yourself coming home after a day’s trip and all you see are your pets jumping around, waiting by the door wishing to snuggle with you. This is what Zunieta or more known as ‘Kak Nieta’, experiences every time she leaves and comes back home. Upon spending some time with her, you will notice how she exudes the warmth and kindness of a loving mother – delicate but strong. She too has been very invested in her cats since young and as the stars aligned, her path crossed with Johan’s as they were neighbours at one point in time.

As days went by, she realised that her love for cats grew and her vision interlocked with his – to create something meaningful for both people and their cats. A proud parent of Chummy and The Gang, Kak Nieta grew a fanbase showcasing her cute furry felines and the heartwarming relationship she has with them. From merely followers, she now sees all of her engagements online as conversations with friends who are deeply in love with the mysteries behind kittens.

A perfectionist by nature, Kak Nieta is very attentive especially when dealing with pets. With her fiery passion, she completed a course by Honeyvets certifying her as a Cat Groomer in 2016 to equip her with essential knowledge in cat care. Even her pets’ vet has gone public stating how she was amazed and inspired by how much passion Kak Nieta has when taking care of her furry babies. Her sense of responsibility is what makes her the most suited leader to our organisation.

Being the sturdy and loving personality that she is, her eyes are currently set on building a community for cat lovers and promote the importance of a loving environment for your pets. Her love and care transcends all things and she is driven to provide you the best of Furvit Pet Industries.