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Key Ingredients

Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is the only plant food known to provide all four omega fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9), grows in mountainous regions in Nepal and China along mountain slopes, riverbanks, flood lands and valley terraces. The growth altitude is typically between 2650 and 3700 m. Sea buckthorn is one of the most nutritious health foods, containing more than 190 biologically active compounds.

Its compounds can increase cardiovascular health, lowering cholesterol and preventing atherosclerosis. It also helps to stimulate skin regeneration, helping wounds to heal quickly while also reducing inflammation from UV exposure. Not only that, it protects your cats against infections due to the high flavonoid content which strengthen their immune system i.e. increase resistance to illnesses.

Furthermore, it contributes to a healthy liver as it contains healthy fats like vitamin E and carotenoids which safeguard liver cells from damage. Improving digestion, treating dry eyes, lowering inflammation and reducing symptoms of depression, this wonderful ingredient basically gives you a healthy and happy kitty!

Virgin Coconut Oil

One of nature’s true superfoods, virgin coconut oil keeps your cat’s coat shiny, healthy and prevents dry, irritated skin from developing. It kills parasites and due to its microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities, it prevents bites from parasites becoming infected and helps heal inflamed skin.

An effective moisturiser for flaky, dry skin, it also helps to soothe and heal damaged skin. As it improves your cat’s coat, shedding is reduced, and your cat will be less prone to forming hairballs in their stomach. This reduces inflammation in their respiratory tract and aids digestion while adding moisture to their stool, allowing hairballs to pass more easily. As it is easily digestible in the gut, it helps their body to absorb nutrients and vitamins more efficiently.

Evening Primrose Oil

With substantial amounts of the omega-6 fatty acid-linoleic acid, Evening Primrose Oil is much needed by your cat’s body to regulate insulin utilization and heart functions. It also contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which helps to inhibit the body’s production of chemicals which causes inflammation. Cats that suffer from arthritis usually experience joint pain due to swelling and this oil may help relieve the swelling, thereby minimizing the pain.

It is also used in the treatment of atopy whereby the areas most affected are the face, paws, lower legs, groin and less often, the ears and eyes. Benefitting pets with dry, dull hair coats and dry, flaky skin, supplementation with this substance may be helpful in overcoming coat and skin problems in your cats. It is also known for its stabilizing effect on hormone imbalances.

Brewer's Yeast

Carrying a multitude of health and nutritional benefits, Brewer’s Yeast is rich in essential nutrients such as zinc and protein which is a perfect nutritional supplement for your pet’s skin and coats. It improves the health of your pets by conditioning their skin and controlling their shedding. Yeast creates a subtle odour in your pets’ skins which deters fleas. Not only that, it can also help with their digestive problems.

For CatCandy Nutri Lick, we specially used brewer’s yeast which is 100% pure yeast culture with no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), fillers, or carriers. It also works as natural prebiotics to support and feed beneficial organisms in an animal’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract to maximize health and performance. In addition, our brewer’s yeast also contains beta-glucans that activate immune system and free nucleotides to help promote cell division and immunity.


This is a water-soluble vitamin B which aids cats with dry skin. Known as one of the most important nutrients in the body, it maintains healthy connective tissues holding the body together. It plays an essential role in metabolising fats and carbohydrates along with cell formation and assists with metabolising proteins.

Biotin plays a significant role in maintaining healthy skin and hair for your little ones while aiding in growth, digestion, muscle formation and enables the body to use glucose as a source of energy. Aside from maintaining healthy skin and hair, it helps with the health of cats’ liver and nervous system while strengthening nails, improving brain health and boosts their mood and energy.


Similar to L-lysine, Taurine is a type of amino acid which is a building block of all proteins. It is found in animal-based proteins and is critical for vision, digestion, heart muscle function, maintaining and fetal development as well as maintaining a healthy immune system. Taurine is also used as a treatment for dilated cardiomyopathy in cats. A necessary component to a cat’s diet since the late 1980’s, cats must be supplemented with enough taurine to meet their daily needs.


Lysine is an essential amino acid which serves as a building block for protein and plays a key role in carrying out many different bodily functions. It helps your pets to produce antibodies and enzymes which boosts the immune system. Aiding in calcium absorption, your pets are bound to have stronger bones and healthier skin. Essential for a cat’s overall health, your furry best friend will enjoy the tasty treat and you will love the fact that it is good for them! L-lysine also helps with various ailments like viral infections and feline herpes virus.